Need a Lawyer?

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Who are we?

The South East Community Legal Service (SECLS) is a not for profit organisation which is independent from government.

What can we do?

We aim to provide better access to legal services for people in the South East by offering:

SECLS can provide advice about most areas of law.  Some general advice can be given over the phone, but you will need to make an appointment. 

We prioritise assistance to disadvantaged people who cannot afford a lawyer.

If you are not sure whether we can help, call us anyway. If we are not able to assist you, we will refer you to someone who can.

Do you need a lawyer?

Tenancy & Housing

  • Are you having trouble paying your rent?
  • Are you being evicted?
  • Are you having problems with your landlord or real estate agent?
  • Can’t get your bond back?

‘Credit and Debt

  • Having trouble paying your debts?
  • Are people chasing you for money?
  • Is someone threatening to take you to Court?
  • Are you considering bankruptcy?

Dealing with Government

  • Have you had any problems dealing with government departments such as Centrelink, Housing SA, SAPOL and others?
  • Would you like to make a complaint or appeal a decision?

 Cars and Accidents

  • Have you been involved in an accident?
  • Have you bought a car with finance and can’t pay back the loan?
  • Did you buy a car that wasn’t as good as it was described?

 At Work

  • Are you being paid correctly?
  • Have you been fired? See us ASAP (within 21 days)
  • Are you having problems with workplace health and safety?
  • Have you experienced discrimination?


 ”Family Law

  • Are you separating or getting divorced?
  • Have you experienced domestic violence?
  • Are you having problems with parenting arrangements?
  • Are you having financial problems?
  • Is Families SA involved in the care of your children?

 Criminal Law & Police

  • Have you been charged with a criminal or traffic offence?
  • Are you going to court and not sure what to do?
  • Do you have fines that you can’t afford to pay?
  • Do you need to apply for Legal Aid?
  • Do you have a complaint about Police?

 Other Complaints

  • Have you bought something or paid for a service that didn’t meet your expectations?
  • Are you experiencing discrimination?


We might be able to help you with simple court documents or write a letter on your behalf.

Representation & Advocacy

We might be able to represent you in courts and tribunals if legal aid is not available. We can also negotiate on your behalf or advise you about how to represent yourself.

What we don’t do

  •  Commercial, business or company law
  • Conveyancing
  • Taxation
  • Personal injury claims, such as WorkCover, medical or professional negligence
  • Defamation
  • Making a will
  • Probate
  • Certification of mortgages or guarantees
  • Major indictable criminal offences
  • Advice to landlord about tenancy matters
  • Advice to employers about employment matters

 If you have a problem on this list, we can refer you to someone else who can help.



SECLS visits Millicent, Naracoorte and the Mount Gambier Prison every second week. If you would like an appointment at one of these places, please call us and ask.

We can also make home and hospital visits if necessary.


 Community Legal Education

SECLS offers workshops and information sessions on different areas of law for the general public. We can tailor a session to the specific areas of law that you want to know about and also give talks to schools and community sector workers.

If you would like to attend a seminar, or would like a lawyer to give a talk to your group, please call our office. You can also email us at 


Brochures and Booklets

We also stock a wide range of pamphlets and booklets that are available free of charge.  Please call or drop in to see the full range.




Alternative Services for
Free Legal Advice

Legal Services Commission
Free Legal Advice and information
1300 366 424

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement
Adelaide: 1800 643 222
Murray Bridge: 8532 4788



View our Fact Sheets and Media Releases for information on a range of legal topics.

SECLS offers legal seminars to community workers, groups, agencies, cultural associations and the public. Links to Community and Legal Services that may assist you.