Mt Gambier Family Law Resources

South East Community Legal Service

  • Free family law information, referrals and advice.  Will give ongoing advice and assistance throughout separation.
  • Provides services in other legal areas such as criminal law, social security law, tenancy and credit and debt.

Legal Services Commission

Legal Help Line: 1300 366 424 (9am- 4.30pm Monday to Friday)

  • A free telephone help line for legal advice and information in most areas of law including family law.
  • Funds local private solicitors to conduct family law work for clients who cannot afford a private solicitor and who meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Online Resources: The LawHandbook Online contains an overview of the law in South Australia in everyday language.  The Family Relationship section contains a clear and very useful overview of all aspects of family law.

Child Support Unit

Child Support Helpline: 8111 5576 or 1300 366 424 for country callers

  • The CSU is part of the Legal Services Commission, is independent of the Child Support Agency and offers free confidential legal advice and assistance via telephone for all child support and maintenance matters.
  • Can help with: completing CSA forms; changing assessments; paternity disputes; overseas child support; over 18 child maintenance; spousal maintenance; child support agreements; court applications.

Women’s Legal Service S.A.

Phone: (08) 8221 5553 or 1800 816 349 

  • Based in Adelaide but provides telephone legal advice, information and referral for women across South Australia.

Local Private Solicitors

  • For legal advice, negotiation, court representation, drafting legal documents and agreements and legal aid funded work.
  • Some solicitors give a free initial 20 minute appointment on request.
  • Please contact SECLS on 8723 6236 or 1300 369 236 for an up-to-date solicitor referral list. Alternatively, a referral list can be

Family Law Courts

Phone: 1300 352 000 (8.30am – 5.00pm, Mon-Fri)

  • Provides information by telephone regarding Court procedure (no legal advice given).
  • Online Resources: The website has information about court procedure and cost. 
  • Provides information and a series of very useful fact sheets and brochures written in plain English on all aspects of family law.
  • Links to the Federal Magistrates Court, the Family Court, legislation and legal judgments, related services and information.



  • Online resources: A legal website run by UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law, that provides legislation, cases and journal articles on all areas of Australian law including family law.  Primarily targeted at lawyers but can be accessed and used by non-lawyers.

Family Relationship Centre

Phone: 8721 3500 Toll free: 1800 880 913   Email:
Office: 1 Helen Street, Mount Gambier SA 5292

  • Provides parenting mediation for separated couples. Will provide up to three hours of joint sessions free of charge.
  • Counselling Service and Referral: Face to face counselling is available for individuals, couples and families of all types.  Specialised men and family relationship services and family violence services (for victims and perpetrators).
  • Family Relationship Education & Skills: Assistance for all to develop skills that provide positive relationships with partners, children and other family members.
  • Online resources: The website has a large amount of practical information and resources about relationships and separation.


Phone: 8724 0500
Office: 13 Penola Road Mount Gambier SA 5290

  • Offers mediation for parenting and financial and property disputes for people who are separating.
  • Initial sessions are free and a small fee is charged for ongoing sessions.

Children’s Contact Services run by

Phone: 8721 3500

  • Provides a safe, neutral and caring place for parents to changeover or have supervised visits if there are concerns about children’s safety.
  • The service is provided in Mount Gambier, Millicent and Naracoorte.

Child Support Agency

National phone number: 131 272
Office: Located in the Centrelink Office at 5 Percy Street, Mount Gambier
Open 8.30 am – 4.45 pm Monday to Friday.

  • The Commonwealth Government agency that administers the child support scheme that applies when parents with dependent children separate.
  • Online Resources: The CSA has a very useful and comprehensive website which provides a vast array of information and publications about all aspects of child support.

Centrelink and Family Assistance Office

Telephone Number:  13 6150
Open: 8.45am – 5.15pm Monday to Friday
Office: 5 Percy Street, Mount Gambier SA 5290

  • Centrelink administers a range of government payments including parenting allowances and Family Tax Benefits.  Contact Centrelink to enquire about how your separation may have affected your entitlements to these benefits.

Financial Counselling

Lifeline: 8723 2299 - at 5 Mark Street, Mt Gambier (includes specialised gambling help)
Families SA: 8735 1700, toll free1800 800 747
AC.Care: 8724 9211

  • These organisations provide free, impartial and confidential advice and assistance with low income support, budget planning and debt management including advice on bankruptcy.


Phone: 13 11 14

  • Provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, confidential and anonymous telephone counselling, information and referral by trained telephone counsellors.
  • Can assist with family relationships, stress, grief and loss, sexual matters, abuse, depression, health and welfare, loneliness, addictions and youth concerns and other problems.


Phone: 1300 789 978

  • Provides a 24 hour, professional, anonymous and confidential telephone counselling and referral service.
  • Offers a telephone peer support group discussion tailored to a client’s specific needs and interest.
  • Aimed at all men but specifically aims to help recently separated men who are experiencing many emotions such as confusion, a sense of anger or feelings of loss.  Will give practical support, information and strategies for dealing with difficult situations, step-parenting and blended families.


Phone: 1300 22 46 36

  • Beyondblue provides people living with depression and their carers with information on the illness, effective treatment options and where to find help.
  • The website has useful information, fact sheets and checklists for depression and anxiety.

View our Fact Sheets and Media Releases for information on a range of legal topics.

SECLS offers legal seminars to community workers, groups, agencies, cultural associations and the public. Links to Community and Legal Services that may assist you.